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Chapter Two Restaurant becomes Chapters All Day Dining

Chapter Two Restaurant, Blackheath building works

I had a note from Roger (suggestions always welcome here), saying that he:

Can’t wait for the new Chapters to open.  Have you entered the competition at http://chaptersrestaurants.com/competition/process.php The advert in Meridian Magazine says that entrants will get a discount voucher.

Meridian magazine isn’t usually the first thing I rush for when the post arrives – it seems to be full of puff-pieces about below average restaurants, or bland soft-stories that could be about anywhere.  But aside from that, Chapter Two is such a great place, and Blackheath is lucky to have them.  

As you can see from the photo (taken Friday 8th August), the building work is coming on well.  I don’t know whether they will fill your front hall with junk mail should you sign up, but they are offering a trip to New York, and the website also illustrates how the redesigned restaurant will look.  When you sign up, they say they’ll send you a 10% voucher for use with your first meal.


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Orange is the new black

Blackheath High Street Hare Krishna 2

Just saw a colourful sight on the High Street. I’m not sure if they were Hare Krishna? (I might ask them if I’m feeling brave). Anyway, they seemed to be pleasant enough, and at least they actually believe in what they are selling, unlike the awful Chuggers that were in Blackheath in force the other week allegedly for Amnesty International. Middle class begging for a cynical generation…

Blackheath High Street Hare Krishna

Actually the one at the bottom looks like he’s chatting her up….

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