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Netball Clubs in Blackheath?

Netball photo from Wikipedia

Laura asked:

Hi Blackheath Bugle
I was wondering if you know anything of any netball clubs in Blackheath/Greenwich?

Well, netball (being a sport) isn’t one of my strong points.. However, it seems that there is a netball club near Blackheath, and according to their site, The Blackheath Wanderers train on Tuesdays at 7.30pm, where interested newcomers are welcome. Membership is £50 for adults, or £25 for juniors, plus £1 per session.

They have been around since 1975, and are just outside Blackheath, see their location page here, or my google map here.  (They should really peel down that wallpaper on their site and put something else up though).

If anyone else has played with them, or can share any experiences, please jot it down in the comments below!

Photo from Wikipedia.

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Laughing Buddha Update…

Laughing Buddha restaurant Blackheath undergoing transmformation

Now, it might be total hearsay (all my best posts usually are), but having asked one of the decorators in the place next door, he says that The Laughing Buddha is going to turn into an Indian Restaurant.  Which is a bit of a shame to be honest – there are quite a few already, some very good, and many reasonable.  But there was only one other Chinese place.  Oh well, if anyone can confirm it, please let me know.

The photo was taken by me, through the only bit of window that wasn’t all smeared up with that white stuff that shops use to cover up glass.  There used to be a sign up saying “temporarily closed for renovations”, but it seems to have been taken down now.


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