Controlled, but not that controlled…

Sofa on Pond Road in Blackheath, taken by flickr user fotologic
Lovely soft pastel colours…  Looks like it’s always been there… I suppose someone ought to post it onto fixmystreet though…
Taken by flickr user fotologic, under a creative commons license.


Filed under blackheath village, fixmystreet

5 responses to “Controlled, but not that controlled…

  1. Jon Nicholls (fotologic)

    It’s not often you see something like this in Blackheath. I was drawn to the signs and the fact that the sofa was obviously in pretty good nick. I wondered whether it was actually being thrown away or was out in the garden for some serious sun therapy. Cool blog by the way.

  2. There’s something to be said for messthetics… for every hundred objectionable bit of flytipping and dumping you suddenly come across these poetic moments which nobody could plan for. Problem is who is to say which is which?

  3. James Parkin

    go past pond road every day, must have missed this

  4. Unless fotologic is adept with Photoshop?

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