Goodbye Shepherd Foods, Hello LiDL

LiDL supermarket, greenwich peninsular, london

Having read a few articles about the wonders of cheapo supermarkets, and discovering that at least two people I know are frequently shopping there (whilst making excuses about why they choose to go there), I thought I’d hop on the 108 bus to see what the fuss was about.

The nearest bargain basement supermarket to Blackheath is LiDL.  Moneysavingexpert also recommends Aldi and Netto, but they don’t seem to have any nearby (and no, CostCutter really doesn’t count).  LiDL is just down the road from Sainsbury’s on the Greenwich Peninsula, so you’ll have to struggle along with your bags if you don’t drive… It’s about 10 minutes walk next to a busy road.

I went on a Monday afternoon, and it was quite a pleasant experience – the store is quite small, and quiet – no music blaring, no “Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our store”.  In fact, it reminded me of shopping on holiday in France or Germany.  Less flashy than Sainsbury’s or Tesco, but none the worse for it.  Come to think of it, Tesco was a low budget supermarket only a few years ago.

A few things are confusing at LiDL – it’s really hard to tell how much some items cost.  Because all the goods are just dumped on pallets next to price stickers, it’s anybody’s guess which bargains refer to which products.  Also, they charge for plastic bags, which is probably a good thing, but is worth remembering.

The food on the whole is great – there’s less variety than the big supermarkets, but most of it looks suprisingly good quality.  Almost no organic stuff, but I try to buy fresh fruit & veg from the farmers market on Sundays.  Overall, the cheese, jams, and biscuits, and pasta looked particularly good compared to Sainsbury’s, both in price and quality.  Price wise, I reckon the equivalent shop in Sainsbury’s would have been £70, but here it was £50.  In Shepherd Foods I dread to imagine what the damage would have been…

The checkout girl was very polite, but I did notice that she scanned my shopping incredibly quickly.  Having just read this article in the Grauniad about how badly LiDL allegedly treat their workers, I now feel a bit guilty…

Traipsing back to the bus stop on the hottest day of the year, having just done a nightshift is also not fun.  I probably won’t be deleting the Sainbury’s online shopping bookmark in Firefox just yet.

LiDL store details here.  Google map here.


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7 responses to “Goodbye Shepherd Foods, Hello LiDL

  1. JS

    The LiDL in Welling is nicer than the one on the Greenwich peninsula – and they are starting to sell some organic stuff.

    Also – Bexleyheath has both a Netto and Aldi, the 89 bus goes past both.

  2. Excellent tip! Will try it out and report back!

  3. Maxesse

    Hi, I’m not such a huge fan of Lidl mainly because of the problem you raised (they don’t do home delivers), so if you don’t have a car it can be a real pain in the back to carry home all the bags, that’s why I’ll keep on using Tesco delivery service for the big shopping, but I couldn’t agree more with you about Sheperds Food, that’s such a rip-off shop!
    I had some friends over for dinner last week, and the delivery was scheduled for a couple of days later, so I went to buy some stuff (coke, bread, risotto, sausages, some sauce, milk, eggs, normal stuff), a total of two of their tiny bags. Total? £40.50! I’m quite amazed at how good they are to pump up prices so much and still smile at you when they press the “total” button on their cash register, they should blush imho!

  4. It’s true. And the feta cheese they sell is astronomically expensive…. The Village Deli is the same, except that their feta cheese is exactly the same brand as LiDL’s, but three times the price!

  5. Is there not a bus near it?

    As for the farmer’s market, I did not get the impression anything there was from a farm or more fresh (rather only more expensive) then in the shops, but there is a small place for only vegetables and fruits near Mark and Spencer and accross the public library in Standards selling fresh and not expensive either, as much I could judge as to now.

  6. RD

    Lidl is much maligned – you can get some very good imported German and Italian produce there – or was that Aldi…?!

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