Laughing Buddha going?

Laughing Buddha Restaurant, Blackheath

It looks as though The Laughing Buddha has finally stopped laughing.  The Chinese restaurant, which is next to Chapter Two seems to be closed.  The sign says for refurbishment works, but I’m not sure.  It seems like a bit of a coincidence that both places are shutting up shop at the same time… Maybe Chapter Two are expanding into the Buddha’s space?  I hope it isn’t closing, as I never even got a chance to go in there – I’d always intended to but never quite had the right moment.


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8 responses to “Laughing Buddha going?

  1. Peter

    Question: does your website only exist to copy things from the greenwich phantom?

  2. Hi Peter,

    Definitely not. I think the Greenwich Phantom is a brilliant website, and this blog is certainly less accomplished, but I haven’t been writing it for very long! I’d like to think that both can co-exist… I try to avoid covering the same topics, but if I feel I can add something to the information available, whether a photograph, or a point of view, then I do.

    Sometimes (in the case of this post), I think it is relevant to mention it, as it is of interest to people in Blackheath who may not have spotted it, and at other times (such as mentioning the airship), it was because I spotted such a great video on the Londonist website, that I thought others would be interested.

    I hope that answers your question.


  3. nick

    Peter – I don’t like the tone of your message. This is a great website.

    Keep up the superb work BB.

  4. Peter, if you had read a little further back you would see that the Bugle has set his (or her) own agenda some time ago. Of course there is always going to be an element of crossover, all us ‘geographical’ bloggers stray into each others’ territory from time to time, but we all have our own opinions to contribute, and our own point of view to share. We are not in competition.

  5. jane

    peter, this is absolutely an unearthly and sad comment I would say.

    This is a lovely blog and I think about the same about phantom as well. It is obvious that you have no idea about cooperation between bloggers and the beauty of it. I suggest you read a bit about blogging, then make some comments.

    Of course one might say that what the hell is wikipedia, but, never mind…

  6. CC

    Hi BB

    Can you please let us know the situation with these two restaurants in the future? Whether they both open up or if Chapter Two expands? Especially since I was always interested in checking out Laughing Buddha too!

  7. It would be very sad if the Laughing Buddha were to be closed for good, my daughter always insists on going there for her birthday treat. The food there is certainly a cut above the average Chinese restaurant in London.

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