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The Airship over London

You can’t fail to have seen the “Star Over London” helium blimp floating around the last couple of days. It’s quite a sight as it soars over Greenwich Park. I wish they’d make it a permanent feature (but perhaps without the Wife Beater logos on the side). Tickets are a rather steep £185 – £360, depending on the length of your flight, and can be booked here.

Perhaps Boris will decide to subsidise it, and we’ll all be able to commute to work in a flock of TfL airships using our oyster cards?

Youtube video from The Londonist.

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Greenwich morphed

Saw this post about Greenwich’s changing skyline in The Greenwich Phantom, and couldn’t resist doing another morph.  It didn’t work out as well as the previous one, but still gives as nice idea of how things are changing, I think.

The photos were from http://everythinghurts.com/


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