Bear Necessities

Bear necessities

Why do they have these Disney toys in their window? Is it to appeal to kids as they walk past “Mummy please can we book a two week break in the Algarve”?… I find the toys a bit creepy, not to mention garish… And what do they have to do with a travel agency? Does Disney need to give permission for their images to be used in a commercial context? Will the toys still be sitting there, staring out at the bus stop, folorn and threadbare on a dusty shelf in a few years time?


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8 responses to “Bear Necessities

  1. I can’t see that shop being there for too long.

  2. I guess any service that can be carried out cheaper online is under threat on the high street.

  3. MC

    Its to advertise holidays at Disneyland, seems fairly obvious really.

  4. olly

    There should be some kind of regulatory body to control garish window displays like this. It would stop the village desending into a pit of hyper colour and crass novelty gimmicks! Infact the village should have the same controls seen in Bath where shops have to produce tonned down versions of their signage in muted colours to fit in with the surrounding traditional signage. Let’s take it further and control the quality of shops that open in the village so shops in the same league as Greggs and Costcutter never sully are beautiful oasis! Costcutter is very conveniently placed to where I live, but cut costs it does not! “Viva La Revolution” join me Blackheatheans, join me!

  5. jane

    I definitely agree, I sometimes feel like those creepy creatures sitting there will enliven and chase me when I give bad looks but still I think there must be a regulatory body for this unnecessary crowd for eyes…

  6. CC

    Yes, I was rather surprised by this too – this is the Going Places travel agency, isn’t it? I went in there last year to try and book a holiday, but the services was totally rubbish!

    If Blackheatheans succeed in taking the display down, will someone knick Baloo Bear for me? Its for my dog…the foxes stole his regular teddy bear and he’s very upset now!

    • MRS B.

      what a bunch of baaa humbug snobs you all are – glad I do not live nextdoor to any of you ! Blackheath is lovely but not the centre of the universe – what will be demanded next ? Colour co-ordinated dress codes to cross the heath ? Total ban on homeless big issue sellers just in case they push the house prices down ???? get over yourselves Blackheath snobs !

      • Hello Mrs B – you’re right, it’s not the most important thing in the world, and I’m really thankful to live in such a lovely place.

        But part of what keeps Blackheath looking like a nice place to live is because people make a fuss about little things.

        I hope I’m not a snob, I didn’t grow to a posh school, and I realise how lucky I am to live here… All opinions are welcome on this blog, even the ones I disagree with!

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