The Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath

The Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath

I’ve never quite got around to mentioning The Hare and Billet pub.  Just down the road from the Pagoda, and Jack the Ripper’s house (possibly not), is this quiet little pub.  Much more low key than the Princess of Wales pub, but none the worse for it.  You won’t find blaring music or surly teenagers serving you… It’s more of a old fashioned country pub, with nice views of the heath from the front windows.

Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Greene King IPA

The pub is run by Greene King, which I don’t think has the best ales.  Their IPA is nice though…  Abbot ale is not for me, and their Flowers has occasionally been known to be distinctly off (although when I mentioned this, they apologised striaght away, and got me a pint of something else).

They also sell Aspall Draught Cider, which is excellent, as well as lots of dodgy looking lemon and lime ciders “Kopparberg?”, sponsored by Bulmers – a name to strike fear into the heart of anyone who likes a good cider…

Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Aspall Cider

I can’t understand the sudden popularity of Bulmers cider – I watched the 1970s horror that is Abigail’s Party the other day, and Bev was waxing lyrical about how wonderful it is. This should be warning enough to anyone… Anyway, back to the plot…

For such an old pub ( it has been there since at least 1765), it can feel strangely generic, with adverts for bruised boxers promoting Nuts TV staring down at you in the gents toilets, flat screen TVs playing sport, and quiz machines flashing their wares in the corner.  Having said that, the TV tends to be off during the day time.

Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Inside view

It is much much better for a quiet sort of pint than the Princess of Wales at the weekend.  It has a friendly looking dog (called Bonnie), and pleasant bar staff.  The bangers and mash is also very good, they do great vegetarian bangers.  We also had an opportunity to look at, and nearly taste the pork ones too, as they came over first by mistake!  (Again, the staff were very sorry, and brough the right ones over soon enough!  I think we’re just unlucky or something)…

If they only had some space outside, and some local beers, it would be a truly great pub.  There used to be a Blackheath Brewery serving light ale onto the Heath in the 1820s, although I suppose the nearest thing we have to that is Zero Degrees, now.

Anyway, all in all, it’s a nice place, and well worth a trip if you fancy a quiet pint.  More on the investigations into The Dacre Arms, over at the other end of Blackheath soon… has a review here.

Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Pork Sausages
Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Dog
Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath.  Veggie Sausages


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12 responses to “The Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath

  1. matty

    Ahhh Kopparberg…. It’s most probably their pear cider, from Sweden of all places, which served with ice has to be one of the most refreshing drinks going (at least until you get half way through the second pint……….).
    Highly recommended as a first pint on a summers evening!

  2. Maisie

    Ah the Dacre Arms. I used to live round the corner from that pub. Perfect “country pub,” all dark wood, interesting decor (old photographs and the like), hanging baskets, courtyard and friendly dog. Very much a locals pub popular with the more mature drinker. – which is no bad thing!

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  5. CC

    The Hare and Billet was the first pub I’d ever been to in England and I absolutely adored it. My boyfriend and I frequented there often 7 years ago and didn’t even bother venturing further, it was that good.

    Recently though, we decided to grab a pint there, just to walk down memory lane or whatever. But let me tell you, I was so disappointed with how it’s changed! I found that it was very messy inside: food on the floor, sticky tables; the bar staff were not as nice as they used to be, the massive plasma tv has taken away from the nature I’d prefer: general chat among friends, etc.

    I will be less inclined to go back there now, no matter how much I loved it before. Yes, the Princess of Wales is packed but it’s much better than the Hare and Billet, bar none!

    • Anonymous

      I was in this pub 22.06 2012 very quiete table not cleared but it is the only pub left in the greenwich area what you can call a pub

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  7. Matt

    Just another heads up – the Hare And Billet has just re-opened last night after being refurbished. No great change (thankfully), just fresh paint, some new drinks and oil candles on every table. Bonnie’s still there!


  8. Nice! If that isn’t an excuse to go back for some more sausages and mash, I don’t know what is!

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