Taste of Raj Restaurant

Taste of Raj restaurant, Blackheath

Tried the Taste of Raj for the first time the other night, and was pleasantly surprised! I think we’d avoided it for a while, as the Mountain View and Everest Inn were closer to us. Also, it always looked empty whenever I walked past, which is usually a bad sign.

But actually, it was much nicer than the food I’ve had from the other two curry places in Blackheath. Not so keen on the food at Mountain View, and the service at the Everest Inn tends to be a bit erratic.

I think the reason Taste of Raj always looks empty is due to a seating area towards the rear of the restaurant that isn’t visible from outside.

We had the (vegetarian) tandoori paneer, vegetable thali, poppadoms, and chipati, all of which were very nice, and probably too much for two people. We had a slightly dead-looking rose on our table, but the service was quick and helpful – our orders were scribbled down, and dropped into a drain-pipe next to the bar (which presumably goes to the kitchen!).

Anyway, a pleasant surprise – cheaper, more local, and more interesting than another Bombay Bicycle take-away.

9 Royal Parade, Blackheath Village, Blackheath London SE3.

Tel: 0181 244 2823.

Open from noon to 2.30pm – 6pm to Midnight all week. Google Map here.


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6 responses to “Taste of Raj Restaurant

  1. Pop down Lee Park to the Spice of Life on Lee High Road. Probably best to book in advance.

    You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Ah, interesting suggestion – not tried it yet.. I’ll give it a go next time, and add an entry here!

  3. Maisie

    I really like the Taste of Raj. It’s not a big restaurant – and if you go on a Friday/Saturday it will be packed. In fact it can be a bit of a squeeze – and quite hot – at the weekend.

    But I have always had a good veggie spread – their dahl is delicious, as is the garlic nan.

  4. Lucy

    I agree with Clare, Spice of Life is by far the best Indian restaurant in the area.

    Love the blog, it’s compulsory reading!

  5. James

    always wanted to put a horizontal line on the j to make it say a taste of rat.

    Although the food is actually nice and does not taste of rat

  6. Harsh! I don’t think they’ll be coming to your for advertising slogans!

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