Car alarms

One of the nicest things about Blackheath is that it is usually so quiet and peaceful…. It’s not called Tranquil Vale for nothing you know.  I was relieved to see this sign propping up a local offender:

Noisy car alarm

So if you own a blue Audi, and the number plate ends in “HGY”, you really should think about getting rid of your car alarm.  It’s been bleeping away for two nights now.  Grrr..

Greenwich council have someone who deals with these things.  You can reach them on 020 8921 8921.  And yes, I know it’s probably a bit more local than I had in mind too, but it’s my blog, and it makes me feel better…


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3 responses to “Car alarms

  1. L

    I lived on Tranquil Vale for seven years and had many conversations with people that centered around ‘Aw, Tranquil Vale! That sounds…so…well…tranquil!’ with me cackling at the reality of the traffic and the music and the tinkle of smashing glasses and slurred arguments. Damn I miss it sometimes :)

  2. Ralph

    very balanced of you. I do hope you stuck it onto the windscreen with that glue that doesn’t come off and leaves bits of paper stuck to it….

    I always think that when these cars ‘cry wolf’ at all hours and ruin so many people’s lives sleep, it would be good if someone actually gave them a genuine reason to be bleating away…. One inconsiderate act could beget another?

  3. I didn’t write the note! I just took a photo the next day…

    I don’t think that thumping cars with dodgy alarms will make the owner get rid of their car alarm.

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