Race For Life Blackheath – Photos and Video

I was wrong about the weather – it was a lovely morning!  Apparently it was the largest Race for Life in the UK. They said they’d raised more than £1 million. Video showing the beginning of the race. Interesting that there was a company handing out antiperspirants, given the persistent rumours about whether they contribute to certain types of cancer.


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4 responses to “Race For Life Blackheath – Photos and Video

  1. It was a really great morning! Too hot for me though, so I didn’t quite get the time I’d have liked. Could have done with a big rain shower ar aroud the 3km mark! Still equalled my pb though, so I’m reasonably happy.

    Was amazed at the number of people there, it was truly colossal. Having said that, by my completely unscientific estimate there were far more walkers than at other RfL events I’ve been to. But it was very well organised, so they didn’t get in the way (unlike at other large-scale runs which I could mention, *cough* HydroActive Hyde Park, *cough*).

  2. my first time at rfl and i had agreat time i thought i would do it in 50 mins but did it in 37 mins am so proud off myself and also raised £200. Am now up for the 10k………………………..

  3. manyara mushore

    amazing event……so proud of my friend Tamsin and I – Tamsin did it in 29 mins 10 sec and I did it in 29mins and 30 sec. Such a humbling experience. We raised over £400 between us….. will definitely do it again…..xxxxx

  4. Kathy

    It was my first time. I had a fab time even though was there on my own and would definately recommend it to all ages to get involved what a fab healthy way to spend a Sunday morning. Reading some of the sheets on the backs of the contestants was also very emotional a most enjoyable and very satisfying day and all for a very good cause a great day and worth the effort and the team Nivea photographers were very jovial too as were the team on the podium, the exibits and the interesting science stance was excellent too am so glad that I did this cant give total as some kind individuals in the office are still contributing after the event how fab is that a possible £250.00 plus.

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