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Sounds of Blackheath

Something a bit different today… Here are some sounds from Blackheath.



I’ll try to add some more at a later date – possibly an audio quiz? Match up the sounds with places on a map? Or how about a “download your own Blackheath church bell” to wake you up in the morning, when you’re away from home?

Listen to them on headphones for the best effect, not on your laptop speakers, otherwise they’ll sound like a wasp buzzing in a jam jar.

The Freesound Project banner

The sounds are also available on the brilliant Freesound site here and here. If you’ve never had a look around the site, try it (with headphones!).

All the sounds on the site are Creative Commons licensed, so can be used for many other creative purposes at no cost. The nightingales are lovely, as is evening in the forest and the thunder. The sound quality is much better if you register (for free), and download the files, instead of playing them on the page.

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