Not One Tree

A great deal has been written by many bloggers about the risks posed by holding the 2012 Olympic horse jumping events in Greenwich Park. It seems that some hollow promises have been wrought from the Olympic organisers who appear to promise to “return the park in whatever state it was taken in”.

I think that any campaign against the proposal needs to be very precisely targeted, in order to be effective, and to avoid any accusations of “nimbyism”. The request should be simple:

“Not One Tree”.

Not One Tree

If the organising committee can find a way to guarantee that absolutely no trees will be damaged during the Olympics, then the plan should go ahead.

The promise of consultation only increases my fears.  I seem to remember being consulted about the building of more nuclear reactors.

So what can be done?  Is there any kind of audit on exactly how many trees there are in the park, and how old they are?  My suggestions:

Write something along the lines of:

Please give me your absolute assurance that NOT ONE TREE will be damaged if the 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events go ahead on the Greenwich Park site.  If you cannot guarantee this, then I request that you reconsider using an alternative site.

  • Write To Them.  Probably not your MEP, but all of the others should be worth a go.
  • Use the “contact us” page on the London2012 web site.
  • Email Boris although the Phantom didn’t seem to have much luck.
  • And if none of that works, well, there’s always the spectacular board up on the heath, as spotted by LastBusHome. You could add something slightly more tasteful though.
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 3
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 2


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7 responses to “Not One Tree

  1. In view of the growing interest in the controversial matter of the 2012 Olympic equestrian events in Greenwich Park please publish the address of the NOGOE (No to Greenwich Olympic Equestrian Events) website

  2. Guy Sanftleben

    I am strongly in favour of this proposal ‘Not One Tree’ and it would be the only basis on which I could begin to accept holding the proposed equestrian events in Greenwich Park.

    Has anyone started a petition specifically on the ‘Not One Tree’ stance?

    I know this petition is attracting a lot of support, but it lacks the specific mention of trees:

  3. I don’t think it would be a good idea to split the group of people opposed to the use of the park – it was only an idea – glad you liked it.

  4. The whole idea of using Blackheath Park for the Equestrian events during th 2012 Olympics has been badly conceived from the outset. For the Olympic committee to argue that they aim to have the events as near as possible to the East London site is not a viable argument, since several other events will take place at some distance from the Capital. Windsor Great Park, because of its size, would be a much better choice or, if it is essential to be in the city, why not Richmond Park? Please leave the small and extremely important heritage site at Blackheath unsullied and free from such a major intrusion in a built-up area where serious damage could be caused to the ambience of the Park.

  5. Jacqueline Smith

    And what about this beautiful ‘local’ park being closed for 2-4 years in order for these events to be set-up & dismantled?

    I’ve spent 57 years enjoying Greenwich Park; I am a local living in Westcombe Park vicinity. I am utterly horrified at these plans, as are the hundreds of other local people I have discussed this with.
    Does anyone know any more about the plan to sit along the cross-country planned route every Sunday in silent protest?

  6. Hi Jacqueline. According to the Facebook group that has been set up, the protest on 17th August has been cancelled. I’ll keep an eye out if another one is arranged, and will publicise it here.

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