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Not One Tree

A great deal has been written by many bloggers about the risks posed by holding the 2012 Olympic horse jumping events in Greenwich Park. It seems that some hollow promises have been wrought from the Olympic organisers who appear to promise to “return the park in whatever state it was taken in”.

I think that any campaign against the proposal needs to be very precisely targeted, in order to be effective, and to avoid any accusations of “nimbyism”. The request should be simple:

“Not One Tree”.

Not One Tree

If the organising committee can find a way to guarantee that absolutely no trees will be damaged during the Olympics, then the plan should go ahead.

The promise of consultation only increases my fears.  I seem to remember being consulted about the building of more nuclear reactors.

So what can be done?  Is there any kind of audit on exactly how many trees there are in the park, and how old they are?  My suggestions:

Write something along the lines of:

Please give me your absolute assurance that NOT ONE TREE will be damaged if the 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events go ahead on the Greenwich Park site.  If you cannot guarantee this, then I request that you reconsider using an alternative site.

  • Write To Them.  Probably not your MEP, but all of the others should be worth a go.
  • Use the “contact us” page on the London2012 web site.
  • Email Boris mayor@london.gov.uk although the Phantom didn’t seem to have much luck.
  • And if none of that works, well, there’s always the spectacular board up on the heath, as spotted by LastBusHome. You could add something slightly more tasteful though.
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 3
Bulletin Board on Blackheath 2


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