Blackheath Hill – the buried station

From 1871 until 1917, there was a Blackheath Hill Station, just west of the heath.  The wondeful Subterranea Britannica has some great photos of how it used to look, how it was filled in with earth, and a particularly good shot of part of the platform re-emerging out of the ground during building works.

These days the station has been replaced by an estate of houses.  I can’t help wondering if the residents of the houses built above the station sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, hearing ghostly steam trains rattling beneath their floorboards.

Have a look at the photos here.   The whole of their site is well worth a look – the mysteries of the deep level london shelters especially.


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5 responses to “Blackheath Hill – the buried station

  1. That’s a bit weird. I don’t think that was raised at all during the whole time there was a stonking great hole in the Hill a few years back.

    People certainly spoke about quarrying or mining that also apparently happened in the area.

  2. That’s the reason for the “weak bridge” the other side of Blackheath Hill, behind west Greenwich fire station.

    Once you know where the line went, it’s easy to follow – the little car parks behind Royal Hill in Greenwich, and the embankments left on Brookmill Road in Deptford.

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  4. That’s fascinating! Someone told me ages ago about there being a station there, but it seemed so unlikely that I promptly forgot about it again! Thanks for digging it up..

  5. Well, I didn’t really do much digging… More linking really…

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