Don’t Forget – Golfing on the Heath Today

Golf on Blackheath

Just a quick reminder – today from 8am to 5pm, the heath will be closed to allow a re-enactment of the 5-hole game of golf first played on Blackheath in the 1600s. There’s a little more info here.

There’s an area for free golf training for kids, Shepherd Neame will be setting up a refreshment tent, and we are assured of TV coverage, whatever that means!  The bugle is attending a wedding, so can’t make it, but will search the web for photos etc after the event – please let me know how it goes!

Photo from the Lewisham Heritage’s Public Gallery.


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5 responses to “Don’t Forget – Golfing on the Heath Today

  1. I think you’ll find that’s tomorrow.

  2. PS. If you see a guy with a goatee and huge zoom lens, trying hopelessly to photograph the proceedings, that’ll be me.

  3. Er, whoops… Yes, should have posted it today… So just to clear things up, the golf is on Sunday 6th, not Saturday 5th July… Sorry!

  4. We have some photos of the event on Flickr which you are free to use.

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