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A Jedi at the Blackheath Funfair

Another Blackheath related youtube video spotted in the wild…  More heartwarming than the last ones I mentioned.

Not that I want to turn this blog into an online version of “Through the Keyhole“, but I saw this video last night, and thought it was sweet. I’ve no idea who the people in the video are, but that’s the internet for you…

It is interesting for a number of reasons:-

Firstly the obvious sheer bloody delight at being 3 (?) years old and running up to a funfair on the heath (see about 2mins30s into it) is lovely.  It’s a great example of why holding events on the heath is such a good idea.

Secondly, the whole thing reminded me of looking at faded old photos from the 1970s of my family… I guess that blocky low bit-rate youtube videos from this era will have exactly the same kind of nostalgia factor for 30 somethings living in 2037.

Thirdly, the music is great… I’ve no idea what the first song is.

Finally, if this one makes you smile, check out the Jedi one… It’s even funnier.

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