Provender Vegetarian Cafe has opened


Provender has finally opened its doors to Blackheath.  I went in there the other day for a snoop around.  To be honest, I don’t think it was a very fair test, as I popped in a bit late, so all the food was looking a bit tired.  I had a coffee and a very nice piece of baklava for £2.80.  Not cheap, but not horrendous.  Both were good.

The trouble is, there’s almost nowhere to sit – they’ve put the serving trolley thingy right up at the front of the shop, so there are only two stools looking out through the window, and a small table outside.

The food itself looked along the lines of the Indian Lentil Daal kind of veggie variety, not the 1970s Woody Allen movie variety I’d been hoping for (a la Food for Thought)…  Having said that, I didn’t try it, and so will make it a mission to go and give it a proper assessment soon.

Have a look, and let me know what you make of it.. It’s up near O’Neil’s.


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7 responses to “Provender Vegetarian Cafe has opened

  1. susanna

    hi there from the MANAGER everybody!
    yes I will from now on run the Provender branch in Blackheath. the first branch is in Forest Hill opposite the swimming pool.
    well, well, well,…I am revolution! I know what I want the shop to look like and if you all pop in again will see different food already! I was hoping to sell only a little lentil dahl and more brown rice, lentils, roast veg, quinoa, quiche, hot healthy soup ( maybe Miso ) noodles, greens and if you looked this weekend I made strawberry and yoghurt muesli pots…we sell croissants and banana cakes flapjacks and super healthy smoothies which are sugar free and dairy free only fruit and all the ingredients used in our shop are organic, unrefined ( mostly infinity foods )wholemeal ( like the scones )…don’t forget our delicious spinach and cheese pie and veggie sausagerolls and people are addicted and come back every day for them! I am italian and I can cook not only italian but world cuisine including my favourite japanese cuisine…
    don’t worry I know food for thought and like it ( I did hang around covent garden a lot ) but they can’t cook rice…is too al dente…and with my macrobiotic cookery training I know that rice is nice when sticky and soft…ciao!

  2. susanna

    hi from manager of Provender again…about the seating…we will in the future open the upstairs for a lovely seating area ( like hand made food )
    we are only take away really…for the moment…suits people taking a picnic on the heath or takeaway home for dinner



  3. blackheathbugle

    Nice to hear from you – I look forward to it. It’s great to have a veggie place in Blackheath!

  4. Maisie

    I did go in shortly after it opened and was disappointed by the lack of choice. Though obviously it had just opened and it takes time to sort it all out.

    I would like to see more veggie sandwiches to take away because other than the deli beside the station – and Greggs egg sandwiches (!!!) – there is not a great choice for on the go veggie sandwiches.

    I am pleased to hear their will be seating upstairs. It will be nice to sit down and enjoy a good hot veggie meal. (I am still upset at the loss of Momo Franks.)

  5. Patricia

    Never trust caterers who can’t spell the items they provide – it’s DHAL for goodness sake!
    (And rice is horrible when it’s sticky.)

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