Blackheath Camels


Just found a wonderful local history book -“A Century of Lewisham” by John Coulter.  One of the best images from it, showing a caravan of camels traipsing up Tranquil Vale towards “Billy Smart’s Circus” on the heath, in the 1950s.  The camels were supposed to have been Algerian veterans from the Foreign Legion.  Click the photo for a closer look.

A Century Of Lewisham


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7 responses to “Blackheath Camels

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  2. blackheathbugle

    According to the book, there’s a good chance that it came from the Lewisham Local Studies Centre:

    But it doesn’t credit the photograph specifically. I should add that the photo is not mine, so is not covered by the creative commons license on this site, and will be immediately removed from the site, should someone contact me about any copyright issue.

  3. Jane Fisher

    Does anyone have a picture of the elephants being loaded off the train or walking up through the village? I remember watching them when I was a little girl in the 60’s.

  4. Bob Land

    Go to Google

    type in blackheath camels

    then click on pictures / photos

    en hey presto there they are.

  5. Phil Davy

    Camels in Blackheath: It does not get any cooler than that!

    The Beasts survey the town, and the locals survey the Beasts.

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