School for Muggles

Blackheath Hospital

I overheard someone at the station a while back pointing up at the spooky Blackheath Hospital building and referring to it as “Hogwarts”…

It certainly does have a touch of the gothic about it…  According to the guru (amazon or abebooks), it was originally built as a boarding school, though not for trainee wizards sadly.  Instead it was a boys school for sons of missionaries.  And now it mends broken hearts, sort of…


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6 responses to “School for Muggles

  1. Paris Parfait

    Oh thank you for letting me know about your blog! I love your sense of humour and it’s nice to see the photos of one of my favourite places. Who knows, maybe after Paris we’ll be back in Blackheath? Meanwhile, it’s nice to know I can keep up via your blog . Will add you to my blogroll.
    Tara @ Paris Parfait

  2. blackheathbugle

    You’re very kind – glad you liked it.

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  4. nick gilbert

    good blog and funny too!did you make the photo as a composite the sky ‘hospital and girl all look seperate
    well done
    let me know how and i’ll read your blogs
    cheers nick

  5. no, only the sky was replaced with some airbrushed bits from a well known film poster….

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