Like a virgin…


“So Blackheath is like Madonna?” As someone asked me the other day…

I wondered what on earth they meant, summoning up images of gold sequinned pyramid basques.

“I mean, it’s just ‘Blackheath’, not ‘Blackheath Common’, or ‘Blackheath Park’?”

I really didn’t know what to say to this… I suppose Blackheath Heath sounds a bit silly.

Photo from wikimedia under creative commons license


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7 responses to “Like a virgin…

  1. It’s certainly not a common, the land is owned by the Earl of Dartmouth – or something like that, it’s been a while since I had to know the detail – and managed by the council.

  2. blackheathbugle

    ..but so far Blackheath has not written a book about sex, and isn’t into Kabbalah…

  3. And we can only be thankful for that…

    It is home to what was thought to be an extinct spieceis of spider though.

  4. blackheathbugle

    Well, if that isn’t begging to become a new post, I don’t know what is! Looking up info on Oxyopes heterophthalmus as we speak…

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  6. Ian

    There is some similarity. Lot’s of people have gone there to have sex.

  7. wraeth

    To clarify the ownership and management of Blackheath – here’s a link that explains it:

    I’m not sure if the Climate Change campers have contacted the Joint Working Party about the potential ecology and conservation aspects … one presumes that would be pretty high on their list of priorities?

    Still, they’ve been kind enough to at least retrospectively inform the local residents of what they’re doing and why – letter dated Aug 27, Swoop Aug 26.

    I wonder how they politically reconcile this appropriation/enclosure of common ground? Political hypocrisy? More likely that it just hasn’t occurred to the Tabithas and Tarquins deciding to give up their bedroom on the perimeter and rough it on the heath for a few nights.

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