Ferreting about…

Stoatally Different

Just saw the ferret man again. Mrs Bugle and I have seen him by the bus stop before. Maybe it is a stoat, or a weasel – I’ve looked it up on google, but the results are inconclusive. Hope he got a half fare for the little rascal.

Weaselly DistinguishableFerreting About

About 6 minutes 10 seconds in:


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6 responses to “Ferreting about…

  1. James

    sure they are lovely but they dont half smell

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  4. Anonymous

    That is a ferret. Polecats are from the same mustelid family but distinctly different in temperament. Much more ferrel and hard to domesticate unless taken as kits. A polecat would have a distinctive “bandit” mask around the eyes, something which has been bred out of many ferrets – or at least reduced to a shadow. Ferrets do not smell if spayed and kept in clean bedding.
    I doubt this guy would be the one at Mudchute anyway, as he takes his brood to places like Hyde Park.

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