No More Momo Franks

Momo Franks Gone

Another one bites the dust. It looks very much like Momo Franks is no more, as mentioned by Masie here. Just had a wander past to try and take my mind off the wisdom tooth, and there are big signs up saying “Entire Property Lease for Sale”, which suggests that my supply of olives and humous will have to come from somewhere else. (More trips to the wonderful TFC in Lewisham to compensate)…

Bang and Olufsen

Also added to the deadpool a while back was Bang and Olufsen. Which is a shame, as I never quite managed to go in there, but always wandered past, thinking “I must go and look at their beautiful, if overpriced hi-fi units”. Ever since I was an extremely small bugle (cornet? cornetto? no…) I rember my aunt and uncle had one of these astonishing CD players, where the lid opened automatically when you touched the glass surface with your finger! And the volume was adjusted by sliding your finger up and down the glass, which would light up red beneath it! It was all very James Bond. Anyway, now they’re gone, and you have to travel to Sevenoaks if you still feel the need.  Hope the next owners leave the clock up there.


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8 responses to “No More Momo Franks

  1. Kate

    There is a very small Bang and Olufsen in Bromley near Bromley south. ;-)

  2. And I could be wrong, but I believe there is one in the very lovely Bexleyheath..

    PS. Love your blog!

  3. blackheathbugle

    Thanks! There used to be one in Wimbledon Village too I think…

  4. Eva

    Momo Frank opened as a restaurant in the summer of 2007 without the appropriate planning consent. The site is in the core retail area of Blackheath (which comprises only about 1/4 of the whole village), and thus under local planning guidelines allows only retail use (A1). There had already been an application for change of use from retail (A1) to restaurant (A3) in July 2006, but that had been refused by Lewisham’s Planning Committee.

    Momo Franks didn’t bother with a new planning application, they focussed on where the money is – the alcohol license. An application for a licence to sell alcohol was made after they had opened, and ultimately granted in spite of strong opposition from individuals, the Blackheath Society and the Blackheath Village Residents Group. The arguments from Lewisham Council were that applications under planning law and licensing law are to be judged by different criteria, and that the appropriate planning approval was not a relevant criteria under licensing laws.

    In February 2008 an enforcement notice in respect of the planning entitlement was served by Lewisham Council, to take effect in May 2008.

    The operators of the business have now appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the enforcement notice – most likely to be able to sell the leasehold at a better rate.

    I think Momo Frank took a very cheeky approach; if the core retail area in the village is not protected, residents will have a vast oversupply of restaurants, but nowhere locally to actually shop for supplies – which will in the end turn the village in a very uninteresting tourist location.

  5. Thanks Eva, interesting stuff… I’d love to know how people manage to keep abreast of all these changes – are there web pages for these things, or do you have to find out where specific council meetings are held?

    It sounds as though Momo Franks should have followed the rules, and I am all in favour of maintain a mixture of retail and restaurant areas within the high street… I just wish that smaller outlets were given a little more leeway than the larger corporate chains that make up the bulk of so many high streets in the UK. Momo Franks and Starbucks are two very different types of restaurant experience.

  6. RD

    Can we send the “Best One” convenience place the same way please?!…

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