Act of God applied to Blackheath Station

Hole in Blackheath Station Ceiling
Is it me, or does it look as though a meteorite has struck Blackheath station? A couple of days ago there was plaster all over the steps on the way down to the London-bound platform, as the Bugle was making his daily trudge towards The Worldly Auntie… I looked up, and there was a bl**dy great hole in the ceiling.

Two returns to London and a smile pleaseMaybe a divine being sent it as a warning to the man behind the counter. I can just imagine him (or her) booming down from on high:

“Grumpy Man… You have but only seven days before my meteor throwing skills will have improved enough to banish you… If you do not begin to smile at the customers at least a little bit, I shall smite thee!”

The other guy seems ok though.

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One response to “Act of God applied to Blackheath Station

  1. Diana Cordwell

    Blackheath Station is an absolute disaster area every time it rains. Those of us forced to commute have to take our lives in our hands (or feet!) as we try to negotiate a way down and though the puddles and slippery stairs.
    I am surprised there haven’t been dozens of health and safety related claims.
    And what about the disabled? Still no sign of a lift or ramp to get them down to or up from Platform One. The dangers posed by the rain is yet another unacceptable hazard.

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