Petite Boulangerie Jade… And Greggs

Following a recommendation from Michael P here, I thought I’d have a look at the new Petite Boulangerie Jade. It is next to Neals Yard Remedies, and is a smaller version of the bakery near to Hand Made Foods. Whilst the replacement of an over-priced clothes shop with an expensive coffee shop may not be the most suprising of changes to happen in Blackheath, it is quite a nice place, well decorated with black and white tiling.

Coffee and a thingyThe only thing that annoys me is the excessive Frenchification of a shop that seems to be staffed by (very pleasant) Polish staff, and playing Polish pop music! Anyway, £2.15 for a coffee and £2.30 for an almond thingy with a complicated name is about the going rate around here, and they tasted excellent. But the door makes a really loud beep every time it opens – what’s wrong with a little bell?!

And then, just for comparison… Greggs… Oh my goodness. Greggs is a disgrace. But for some reason I find myself buying vegetable slices from there. I know they are crap. A friend of a friend once told me that they lived in a flat above a Greggs, and claimed it was infested with rats (not the one in Blackheath, you’ll be delighted to hear).

Greggs The Bakers, sort of

Every time I go in there, I can feel myself slipping down into a world of misery. I really should try to give up.. Maybe if I cut down first, or go to the pharmacy next door, and ask for some monosodium-glutomate patches? Incidentally, the coffee is rubbish, and costs 90p. The vegetarian slices are horrible, but somehow addictive, and cost £1.05.

Blackheath Tea Hut

If you want a bargain coffee, head to the Blackheath Tea Hut instead – 60p (nescafe I think), plus they sell Mr Kipling Pies instead of frangipangy tartlets. I was looking for a copy of the movie about the Tea Hut, called “Tea Time“, as the idea intrigues me, and the website says that they sell DVDs of it in the hut, but I saw no sign of it.

All the locations mentioned, can be seen on the Bugle Google Map.


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15 responses to “Petite Boulangerie Jade… And Greggs

  1. Best not let Mr Rhind hear you saying nice things about the Tea Hut, he’ll give you a very stern look indeed!

  2. blackheathbugle

    Too true – I still haven’t seen the film yet – hope to soon. Excellent further comments about the hut here:

  3. Maisie

    Talking of food…..

    What has happened to Momo Franks?!? I noticed months ago that the lease was for sale and now the whole place has closed!

    This is tragic. Momo Franks made the best hummous outside the Middle East! It made the most delicious halloumi….and they had pleasant staff…and a relaxing environment.

    Most unfair.

  4. blackheathbugle

    I noticed this too! I was hoping it was only temporary, as it was a nice place. Oh well… If I find anything out, I’ll add a post.

  5. We saw the Tea Time film at the Greenwich Picturehouse with a host of people from the area spotted in the audience, such as a local plumber and two ladies from Royal Teas. It’s a very interesting film and I’m sure that the cinema are selling copies – or if not they will at least let you know where you can get it. Tea at the Tea Hut is v good and if you get a roll, the starlings will help you eat it.

  6. blackheathbugle

    Thanks – I’ll look out for it next time I’m at The Picturehouse.

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  8. Jenty

    Tea Hut film is good, though a bit dominated by one character. It was shown at Greenwich Picture House a while back. I’m sorry the Blackheath Society is being so precious about the hut, and should be sorry to see it go.

  9. Ben

    Hi All!

    Just wanted to let you know that the blackheath tea hut has a website now! Go to to have a look. You can support the hut by signing the guestbook with your comments.


  10. Jenty

    Apparently you can buy the DVD from the website

  11. Paul

    Up with the Tea Hut! Down with Patisserie Jade!

    Their pastries are, as ever, excellent, even at the new stratospheric prices. I also like having pleasant Polish women serve me.

    However, would be great if said pleasant Polish women had a clue how to make decent coffees. Especially when prices are higher than at swish West End joints, staffed by Italians.

  12. Minty

    I am getting rather tried of both Jades because the service and food has become more and more disappointing with time. I’ve been buying their bread since the time they opened and have recently begun to notice that the bread crumbles if you don’t consume it all in 24 hrs and even if they insist that bread is baked fresh everyday sometimes if have to wonder if its at least one day old. Finally, its really gross that the girls have now begun holding the bread with their bare hands!!! They used to always use white tissue to handle the bread and drop into your bag!!!! Surely, after charging £2.20 for a load of bread they can afford to continue using a bit of tissue!

    • Gilbert

      Rather late in the day with this reply but we’ve noticed the quality of both Jade and Handmade Foods bread has deteriorated. I suspect that they have begun to use additives – much like what goes into cheap supermarket sliced bread. If we are going to get additves anyway then why pay the high price? We’ve decided to make our own bread as often as possible and to support the Real Bread Campaign (more on Google).

      • This seems like a totally unsubstantiated claim. It seems unlikely that both would suddenly change their bread production. I wonder if you’ve just got used to what they sell, and are looking for something new.

  13. Minty

    I did speak to the manager/baker at Jade who assured me he would look into it…the girls have since then always used tissue when handling the bread. I think the quality is about the same (better than average but still not in par with a decent french boulangerie) and cannot be compared to supermarket bread. But I do think they are cutting corners by other methods…they have reduced the number of butter biscuits from 5 to 4 in a pkt and on somedays the loaves of bread look smaller than usual! Also last weekend I found only 6 raisins in my Pain au Raisin!!!!

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