Party by the Pagoda?

There is finally a chance to see the amazing Pagoda at close range, instead of squinting through the bushes like a ne’er do well, as I did in this post.

The Pagoda is a private house, but the gardens will be opened specially for the party, which is in aid of the wonderful Age Exchange charity. It is on Sunday 22nd of June from 3pm-5pm and costs £7.50, including strawberries, cream and sparkling wine.

Tickets can be picked up from the Reminiscence Centre (opposite the station, next to Shepherd Foods), or by calling 020 8318 9105.


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3 responses to “Party by the Pagoda?

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  2. janet keeble

    I used to live at Granville Park Road in 1940/1950s and looked directly over the roof and gardens from my top floor flat of The Pagoda House.I would like to know the history of the house,my mother who is now 93 has no idea why it was built,and by who.? regards Janet

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