The Guilty Hair Cut

Chandler Wright Hair in Blackheath is good.

It’s very good. They cut hair well.

They offer you drinks and newspapers.

They have a huge vase containing Bird of Paradise flowers tastefully displayed in the front window.

But they charge at least £40 for a man’s hair cut. I realise that this makes them no different to the majority of high street hairdressers around these days.

Maybe the Bugle is getting old, but he remembers when a haircut was done at a barbershop with a spinning red & white pole, and cost £4. Maybe I should try the other barbers in Blackheath?

The barbers on Tranquil Vale looks the part, but is it any good? Once you’ve found one that hasn’t been a disaster, it’s difficult to switch…


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8 responses to “The Guilty Hair Cut

  1. I’ve used the one on Tranquil Vale and the Village Barbers on Royal Parade without incident. Admittedly my last Blackheath haircut is over two years ago now, so things may have changed…

  2. James Parkin

    Use bonds, next to Pares footwear, they are no nonsense proper barbers, but play really cool music

    £12 for all styles

  3. Come to Cornwall mate!

    Not even a spinning red/white pole but heaps of hair on the floor awaiting collection by a gamekeeper. Apparently hair wrapped in a pair of tights and hung around chicken or pheasant coops deters foxes.

    Anyway, a proper barber, although somewhat hyper-active, knows and imparts all the local gossip, the times of high water for any given day and has opinions on anything. Usually includes several friends (with their dogs) just calling in to read The Star or The Sun and share in the afore mentioned gossip. All this and a haircut for just £6, in my case anyway (concessions), for you just a quid more.

  4. Peter

    I’ve been going to Fresh for ages. Some very good stylists – TJ in particular. It’s a family business, and they also have a branch in Islington. And for men not quite £40!

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  6. I’ve been going to Chandler Wright for about 2 years now, it may be a little costly, but it’s certainly worth it.

    I would recommend this place to anyone, especially Naomi (dyes) and Ray (cuts/styles), they really are very good…

  7. Belinda

    I can recommend Jo at Blackheath Hair Studio. Cuts from £27 and you can book online which is a plus!

    Blackheath Hair Studio
    26 Montpelier Vale
    SE3 0TA

    Tel: 020 8318 4043

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