Locale Restaurant, Blackheath

Locale Restaurant, Blackheath

Locale is as bad as Chapter Two is good. Located just down a side road from the high street, near the dry cleaners, Locale bills itself as:

“the ideal neighbourhood eatery in the heart of Blackheath, serving authentic Italian dishes”.

Don’t believe a word of it. The place is a triumph of style over substance, and really the style isn’t much to write home about. It looks like some kind of basketball court that has been converted into a restaurant, with huge black and white photos of people gorging themselves on much better food than you will be offered.

The service was dire, the food like something out of a school canteen. Avoid. Another Blackheath blogger had a pretty awful time of it too by the sounds of things. These customers don’t sound too keen either.


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7 responses to “Locale Restaurant, Blackheath

  1. It’s one of those venues that never seems to work, no matter which restaurant is in-situ.

    In the last 10 years, the building must have been occupied by at least 5 different restaurants, each less successful than the last.

  2. Jeff

    Hmm – a solution for Starbucks?????

  3. CC

    Thanks for writing about Locale! When I’m thinking of a place to get a bite to eat in the village I still get the shakes from the thought of the awful service I received there!

    This restaurant is by far the worst place I’ve eaten at IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

  4. James Parkin

    when I ate there I thought the food was great, maybe I caught them on a good day

  5. awoken again!

    Not only is the food sub-standard and over priced but the staff area that backs on to my flat means any noise made by the kitchen staff standing outside smoking and chatting is amplified and booms around our curved building like a bloody amphitheatre. Just last night I phoned to complain that past 11pm they were making noise to which I was given plenty of “Sorry about this” and “I’ve told them about this” and “I’ll bring it up at the next meeting”! I can’t make any noise in our block of flats past 11pm so why sghould they be able to. Anyone know the legal position of a resident who has a noise complain about a business. I have the contact details of the environmental department at Lewisham Council.

  6. Doug

    I remember that it was a Fish! restaurant when I first arrived in the area, then Loco, now Locatelli – You’d think Tony Allan would have made his mind up by now. Went to Loco once – it was wholly underwhelming and wholly over priced, it would seem that Locale has continued that proud tradition. My advice for italian would be Bella Vista (going through your blog at the mo, so don’t know if you’ve posted on Bella before), never had a bad experience at the place – and sharing a seafood risotto and some chilled white wine with a very pretty lady (yes Amy, I mean you) is the best way to spend an evening.

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