Blackheath Experimental Society

Blackheath Experimental Society

Every time I walk past this sign, I wish that the Blackheath Experimental Society really existed. Maybe it is because I’m reading “The Lunar Men“, a book about a group of industrialists in the 18th Century – they experimented with everything that was new and exciting to them at the time – electricity, steam power, astronomy, etc.

If Blackheath had an experimental society now, what would they be doing?

Gene splicing in their living rooms?

Creating intelligent neural networks inside their computers?

Building hover-boards?

Flying cars?

Creating Earthship homes from household rubbish and living off the grid?

Setting off autonomous robots to roam across the heath?


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4 responses to “Blackheath Experimental Society

  1. S

    unfortunately the only ‘experimental’ experience in the Railway is the ladies toilets. they are truly hideous and regularly run out of necessities like loo paper. i noticed last night that they are at least being revamped, but unfortunately currently resemble a building site……

  2. blackheathbugle

    If it’s any consolation, I bet the gents is worse. Take my advice – head for the Princess of Wales!

  3. blackheathbugle

    I remember reading a great piece of advice, either about restaurants or pubs (can’t remember which):

    If the toilet has no soap, then the chances are that the kitchen staff have not washed their hands before handling your food. If you find this when heading to the toilet, you should leave.

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