Provender Café coming soon?

Provender Cafe, Blackheath

The mysterious shop front next to O’Neill’s pub finally has a sign painted above it, and it looks promising…

“Provender – Vegetarian Vegan Organic”. This encourages a vegetarian bugle! I hope it is as good as Food for Thought, or like a takeaway version of The Gate.

It looks like there is a Provender Delicatessen in Lewisham, so perhaps this is going to be a second outlet. Anyone been to the one in Lewisham?


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5 responses to “Provender Café coming soon?

  1. As someone who grew up around Blackheath, I really appreciate the great work you’ve done creating this blog. Please keep it up.

  2. blackheathbugle

    Thanks! That’s very nice to hear.

  3. Maisie

    That news makes this veggie very happy. :)

    Assume it is upstairs because that is a small space.

  4. Mitzy

    I’m vegan and practically jumped for joy when I saw the sign! I hope it opens up very soon!

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