Chapter Two Restaurant in Blackheath

Chapter Two Blackheath Restaurant

I went to Chapter Two on Saturday evening. We were planning on going to the Buenos Aires Cafe, having loved it the first time we went, on the Phantom’s recommendation. However, it was fully booked.

Chapter Two’s menu is described as Modern European Cuisine. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know the food was great. There were six of us eating, so we had a chance to try most of the main courses available. The menu was fixed – 25 pounds for three courses. The service was excellent… in a way, a bit too excellent, as though the waiters had a better idea of what the customers should eat than they did themselves. Now, this may be the case, but it did border on intimidation at times!

Despite this, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the place. All other aspects of the service were impeccable – attentive but not too attentive. The food itself was beautifully served, deceptively small (but delicious) portions, and completely filling. The potato gnocchi was outstanding, which as a vegetarian, I don’t get to say very often… In many restaurants it seems to consist of sludgy lumps of undercooked potato sitting unhappily on a plate. Not here. The chocolate dessert was astonishing – soft chocolate fondant on the outside, molten on the inside, with a serving of plum sauce, and a kind white chocolate ice cream.

I’ll go again.


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3 responses to “Chapter Two Restaurant in Blackheath

  1. CC

    I’ve eaten at Chapter Two as well and absolutely adored the food, except for one thing. Cost. Unless there’s a deal going on there, you definietely don’t want to attend, with a party of 2’s bill hitting over £100.

    The Buenos Aires Cafe on the other hand is a pure delight. I ate there on New Years Eve and it was seriously the highlight of my entire Christmas holiday (and I’d had a good one!). The steak was cooked perfectly, and the wine was delicious. And on top of that, we were told by the extremely helpful staff that their wine is specially sourced from their shop in Greenwich.

    Next time I eat there (which should be very soon), I’ll get the details!

  2. blackheathbugle

    By the way, if you’re reading this at the end of June 2008, they are closed for refurbishment for the next week I think – so you might want to phone to check…

    Chapter Two
    43-45 Montpelier Vale
    London, SE3 0TJ

    T 020 8333 2666

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