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I read recently that the leader of the London wing of the British National Party has a flat in Blackheath. Richard Barnbrook – the only member of the BNP to be elected into the London Assembly has been in the press, due to an allegation of an affair.

Several posts in this blog have been about well-known Blackheath residents, but I don’t think this one will be remembered with a blue plaque, unless they start giving them out for “advancing the cause of fascism in the UK”.
Should you wish to hold your nose, and cross to the other side of the road if you spot him in Blackheath, you can identify him spouting rubbish here.

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21 responses to “BNP in Blackheath

  1. There are quite a few of BNP and NF warriors in Blackheath. The main meeting place is the Princess of Wales where you can see them sitting with their scull and crossbones and combat 18 tattoos in one of the corners on Saturday nights. I haven’t seen Barnbrook in there yet but I gather he knows them. It’s a shame, because it’s not too bad a pub apart from the occasional wacko in there.

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  3. Richard

    I saw this odious man having his hair cut at my hairdresser’s. The guy who cut my hair asked if I could confirm who he was. Neither of us knew for sure but said if he was then he was shocked that he had served him! Yes he lives in the Village

  4. S

    My boyfriend and I had the misfortune to ask to sit at his table in Zero Degrees one evening (the only table with a couple of free seats). Being new to the area we initially thought it was nice that people wanted to chat so we were asking him and his scary looking skinhead acquaintances about the town (we had no idea they were BNP). After a while we realised they were hideously bigoted and because we objected to what they were saying my boyfriend ended up being threatened with being stabbed. Needless to say we left quickly but it was a horrid experience and now I would definitely have to cross the road if I saw him in the street.

  5. mr c

    i invite any of you people to have a real debate with me and i promise you, that your next vote will be the bnp, at least there are people who have a little backbone and common sence to stand up and be counted and say out lould how we are being taken for a big ride, become a member and see the real people, you will be supprised there are people like myself that are kind hearted and want the best for our country and our childrens future for years to come, as for the comment about being stabbed what aload of tosh!!!!! it would be more than hes worth to pull a stunt like that, and also why didnt you call the police? maybe its because you are part of a number of people that like to stereotype people!!!!! but have a look at even just to have a chance to make a propper opion on the bnp. kind regards mr c

    • You make a great point. Unfortunately the point you make is that people who support the BNP generally don’t know how to use the spell checker on their PC.

    • Mike

      Mr C,

      I would love to hear more about the BNP policies but from what I can there seems to be just the obvious one.

      No information on the

      health service
      national debt
      uk credit rating
      job creation

      and the standard answer that if we didn’t have all the immigrants there would be enough money, THERE WONT it’s a proven fact.

      Also what about all the business and taxes that are owned and paid by foreign / immigrants, the net impact on the public purse is a MASSIVE positive. (there are both immigrants and white British that both take the mick out of the system on housing and benefits which needs to be addressed and stopped)

      Ignorance is an awful thing, you may want to look up a history book, more Indian soldiers died in the 2nd WW fighting for the British than British soldiers, (we would be speaking German or Japanese otherwise) so not only did they give us our country, but also a curry for Friday night!

      Read a book on economics id recommend Jim Rogers, and one on history.

  6. Colin

    I do not like the way the bnp are called nazi’s and facist’s just because they are standing up for their own country,
    And does it matter if the guy cannot spell ?

  7. Rodders

    Cripes, is the best defence against far right really to mock their grammar and spelling? Credit to The Bugle for not just banning any expression of support for the BNP as might have been tempting, but please, take them on and beat them on the argument (and trust me, you will) rather than being petty-minded.

  8. Adiewadie

    I agree with the sentiment but you are unlikely to beat a BNP supporter with a coherrent argument. To be a racist is a position without logic. It is by definition a prejudice ( – a preconceived belief, opinion, or judgment made without ascertaining the facts of a case).

  9. Colin

    I wonder how i would be described because i think many of the BNP policies are on the right track, i do not consider myself a racist, my best friend is Jamaican and my wife is Thai.
    Any idea’s besides confused.

  10. Colin

    O yes and the nazi sign you keep putting by my posts just about sums you up, you put up a topic for discussion and anyone who does not agree with your view’s gets wronged with a nazi sign.

  11. Colin

    Is your Swastika meant to represent the Buddist meaning of “balance of opposites ” a bit like “Ying & Yang “.
    Or is it from the Chinese food industry that denotes food suitable for vegetarians ?
    Or are you simply trying to give me a bit of a label.

  12. Neil

    “maybe its because you are part of a number of people that like to stereotype people!!!!!”

    There’s a certain irony in a BNP supporter complaining about stereotype. I believe it’s a tactic that the BNP may have used a time or two.

    When I say ‘irony’, of course, I probably mean ‘idiocy’…

  13. Colin

    Well you tell me then…
    If i believe in some Tory ideas am i a Tory ?
    If i believe in some Labour ideas am i a socialist ?
    If i eat potatoes am i a vegetarian ?
    If i believe in some b.n.p.ideas am i fascist ?

    According to this site i am…

    • statingtheobvious

      Noone on this site has called you a fascist. The history of this page shows that you were the one who raised this issue with your post (submitted nine months after the last one and almost two years after the Bugle’s original post) exclaiming “I do not like the way the bnp are called nazi’s and facist’s just because they are standing up for their own country”.
      To adopt your words, it’s so easy for you to just jump on the old bandwagon of crying foul (and not offering any credible defence of the BNP).

  14. Colin

    To be honest i never looked at the dates , i came across this site and the subject and joined in, thats what i thought i was supposed to do.

    You are correct no one called me a fascist and it is a 1 million to one chance that the icon at the side of my post’s is of a swastika.

    My last post i thought made it clear that i agree with some of the points of the bnp, for instance, i believe it is too easy for people coming to the UK and getting things for free that WE have been paying into for years, nhs for one.

    I actually live abroad now and where i live i get nothing from the state because i have never contributed anything to the state, and i think that is fare, only the bnp have had the balls to say this.

    It just seems sort of trendy to knock anyone who is making a point about defending English people in England.

    I am certainly not 100% behind the bnp or any party, But when i hear of people in the outpatients of a hospital in Kent being told you cannot put on the registration form that you are English because it may upset someone……Hang fire a minute i am wasting my time here clearly someone will now tell me im a Nazi , now i know why i live abroad….
    I love England but not how it is going.

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