The heath looks like Glastonbury

The heath is totally covered in litter tonight near the pond. I hope the Princess of Wales pub helps fund the cleaning up – they must surely make a tidy sum over a sunny weekend.


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9 responses to “The heath looks like Glastonbury

  1. M

    Agreed, I was sat outside the Princess yesterday and there were cigarette butts everywhere, it’s not that hard to put them in the bin as you go. Oh well…

  2. R

    Yup, it’s the same every time there’s a sunny weekend…

  3. Maisie

    It does depress me. Every morning after a warm day (especially on a Monday) I go past the PoW and the place looks disgusting. The council should press the pub to pay up – it is mainly their mess. Although the council could add a few more bins – the ones that are there are too small and always stuffed full.

    More to the point – who are these animals who do not have the decency to take their rubbish home? Never in a million years would I drop litter. I cannot understand those who do – so so selfish to destroy such an area.

    Loving this blog. :)

  4. S

    I saw the council doing a great job clearing it up on sunday morning. But that means our council tax is paying for the clear up, while the Princess of Wales makes a nice profit. Doesnt seem fair??

  5. Anthony

    Just found this post whilst double-checking if the PoW is in Lewisham or Greenwich (it’s Lewisham) so I can complain to the council about the litter. It really is grim.

  6. blackheathbugle

    You could post a note on – it gets sent to the council too… I’ve put a notice on there:

  7. R

    Hopefully that’ll help. It’s very sad though – the heath would be so lovely on days like yesterday otherwise.

    It’s really annoying the way the rubbish is all just left where people were sitting; there’s never any effort to move it at all. I know it’s all gone the next morning, but that’s not the point.

  8. blackheathbugle

    I don’t know if it will help. Part of me feels that if the only thing wrong in Blackheath is a bit of litter, we’re very lucky to live here!

  9. Jim

    I’d hazard a guess the PoW is paying a lot more in business rates that we are in council tax, so it’s presumably just as entitled to get the Council to take its rubbish away as we are…

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