The Phantom’s Pagoda

Blackheath Pagoda

Had some spare time today, so I thought I’d go and see the 18th century pagoda that the Greenwich Phantom wrote about so nicely in his blog. It really is worth a trip, even though it is a private house, so you’ll have to make do with peering in from the pavement.

Blackheath Pagoda rear

There is a huge oval window on each of the two sides that can’t be seen from the entrance. This photo from the terrible camera-phone doesn’t do them justice. It must be a beautifully lit room on a summer evening.

It is quite tricky to find if you forget to take a map (oops), and eventually I googled my way to it with the help of these instructions. Here’s a map link if you’d rather do it the easy way.


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12 responses to “The Phantom’s Pagoda

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  2. CC

    Interesting! I’m going to check this out on the weekend!

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  7. The Pagoda & Pagoda Gardens. I remember it so well I used to go down there to play and was always mesmorised by the Pagoda. At the time my Family and I lived in a prefab just up on the heath Holly Hedge Bugalows…just a piece of grassland now. The Pagoda was a Children’s home then approx. 1958.

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  9. i lived in the pagoda in 1961to1962

    • Interesting – was it a private house then, or something else?

    • Michael Young

      I used to live there 1955 – 1957. Went to John Bull School and the “home” was run by ‘auntie’ Rhoda and ‘uncle’ Harry Brightwell. He was also a priest, part-time I believe, at All Saints on the heath itself. At the time, there was a lot of strange stories about the place but I must say I enjoyed my stay there.

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