Blackheath’s fonts – a proportional response

Fonts, signage, shop fronts… Which would take your vote for best in Blackheath? The Bugle is no font expert, but every time this comes into view, it causes upset:

The Railway pub in Blackheath

Proportional fonts are a wonderful thing. The letter “i” is thin. It doesn’t need as much space as the letter “R”. If you’re going to use a familiar font, keep the spacing the same throughout. And is it me, or is the whole thing slightly squashed?

Now, this is another kettle of fish entirely:

The Travel Lounge in Blackheath

“Hey, come on holiday somewhere exotic, relax, try some new things”…

Now, I’ve never been inside The Travel Lounge, but I bet they don’t have a toilet attendant handing you paper towels in the (decidedly unclean) gents. The same cannot be said of The Railway. Maybe judging an establishment by their font might be the way to go…


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7 responses to “Blackheath’s fonts – a proportional response

  1. Richard Wells

    What got me was upper case for ‘Railway” and lower case for ‘the’ grrrr!

  2. M

    The Railway toilet attendent…a pointless exercise. Don’t ever try to leave the bathroom at Cave Austin without paying though or you are in for a barrage of insults. Word of warning…

  3. blackheathbugle

    Interesting… I’ve only been to Cave Austin in the day time, and there was no toilet attendant. Will have to go undercover and check again!

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  6. MaxMax

    Yeah the railway’s sign is a nasty piece of typography. I see it every bloody morning when going to work, and it’s really awful. But compared to the travel agency in front of them, with their subtle blue/yellow colour scheme (which reminds me of Ryan Air and IKEA, not exactly two “brands with taste” innit?), comic sans everywhere and that plasma screen broadcasting low quality footage (ripped off youtube maybe?) 24/7 lol.

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